Tarbell Course In Magic - Volume 1 
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Tarbell Course In Magic - Volume 1 

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Magic Book - Tarbell Course In Magic - Volume 1 Learn Magic New Hard Cover. Condition is New.  
The most respected course in magic! The classic volumes cover every aspect and interest in the art of magic performance. A must have for every magic library! THIS VOLUME INCLUDES: History of Magic, Magic as a Science, Sleight of Hand with Coins, Coin Tricks, More Coin Tricks, The Thumb Tip, Impromptu Tricks, Bill Tricks, Mathematical Mysteries, Effective Card Mysteries, Impromptu Card Mysteries, Mental Card Mysteries, Card Sleights, Novel Card Mysteries, Restoring Torn Papers, Rope and Tape Principle, Handkerchief Tricks, Knotty Silks, Eggs and Silks. 

19 lessons. 410 pages (hardbound). 918 illustrations

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