Silver Sanctum- collectors item
Silver Sanctum- collectors item
Silver Sanctum- collectors item
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Silver Sanctum- collectors item

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Guaranteed to be one of the best buys of the year! While the magician's back is turned, a spectator hides a match or other small object in one of two gleaming cylinders. Both cylinders are closed, then covered with ordinary opaque cups. The magician does not see anything, does not feel anything and does not hear anything, and yet, he unerringly picks the correct cylinder!

* No sleights required!
* The spectators handle the cylinders themselves!
* Uses a cunning principle that fools both magicians and laymen alike!

Comes complete with nickel-plated cylinders and booklet written by David Acer and routined by Guy Camirand and Gary Ouellet.

Notice: this item has been sold in the 1970 up to 1986 under the same name by many magic dealers in the USA. At the time they were manufactured by Phil Matlin' Perfect Magic, the routine was then written by Gary Ouellet and it was Gary Ouellet who gave the trick the name Silver Sanctum. Later some pirated version appeared also under similiar name such as Brass Sanctum etc. This version is manufactured by The Camirand Academy of Magic Inc. under an agreement with Phil Matlin of Perfect Magic of Montreal.


I must admit I laughed when I found out how Phil Matlin's 'Silver Sanctum' worked. Not that the method is preposterous, far from it, just that it is one of those things that proves that magicians can be extremely devious when it comes to simulating the impossible.

The magician displays two metal cylinders, one end of each unscrewing to provide access of a hollow interior. The cylinders are placed on the table about a foot apart. A spectator is handed two cups or other opaque containers. The magician turns his or her back to the spectator. The spectator is instructed to place one cup over one cylinder. Then the spectator is told to open the other cylinder, place a small object inside, replace the cap and cover that cylinder with the other cup. When the spectator announces he is done, the magician turns around and immediately points to the cup covering the cylinder which contains the object. Matlin's method results in the magician not doing much of anything except for telling the spectator what to do.

There are no external gimmicks or gaffs, no particular handling and no sleights. The only things required are the props and the ability to present the effect in the manner it deserves.

The two cylinders supplied are very well made in heavy, chromed metal and measure 2-1/8" tall by 5/8" in diameter.

Included with the props is an instruction booklet written by David Acer which explains the working in detail plus a routine by Guy Camirand and Gary Ouellet.

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