Ring Case (Joker Magic)
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Ring Case (Joker Magic)

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The borrowed ring vanished! Or did it? Could you please check that card case, madam? 2-in-1 tricks:

1. The magician places a borrowed ring from the audience on top of a card case which has previously been shown to be empty and then closed. He covers the ring with a card, flicks it with his finger and the ring magically goes into the case, from which the magician then removes it.


2. The magician makes an imaginary toss of a borrowed ring into the card case which has been shown to be empty and then closed. After the toss, the ring can be heard to rattle inside the case, and even appears from within the case when it is opened!


You will find a prepared card case (without the deck), a single card, and a ring in case you do not want to borrow.

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