Outs: Precautions and Challenges
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Outs: Precautions and Challenges

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Outs: Precautions and Challenges for Ambitious Card Workers by C. Hopkins        

By Charles H. Hopkins.  This book is a must have for every card magician.  It was the first book to deal with what magicians might do to prevent, and later deal with, things that go wrong.  79 pages full of valuable tricks and tips. While performing card tricks, if you blunder, this book will help you wiggle “out” with an alternate effect.  And “precautions” enable you to insure against mishaps. There are also explanations of easy sleights which you can use during your performance. The book is divided into two parts - “Outs” and “Challenges." 10 chapters and more than 60 valuable tricks, tips, ideas, for the card worker who performs for the real audience. With this information in your arsenal you can hardly go wrong no matter what terrible thing unexpectedly befalls you.

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