Chinatown Half - US $0.50
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Chinatown Half - US $0.50

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There are lots of possible routines that utilize these gimmicks. The most famous of these is Albert Goshman's "The Sun and Moon" from Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo.

In effect, two coins are shown - a half dollar and an English penny. The magician takes the half dollar and puts it in his pocket. When he open his hand, both coins are in his palm again. Then, he repeats the action taking the English penny and putting it in his pocket but when he opens his hand - both coins are there again. The magician repeats the action once again, and once again both coins are in his hand. Finally, he takes the English penny but when he opens the hand there aren't any coins there. The last coin has disappeared. Genuine Tango new coin set. You get all the coins necessary to perform including shells and cut down coins. ( This is not an expanded coin set )

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