Vernon Magic


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The pocket-sized book measures 3 by 5 inches. It has a turquoise faux leather-binding, silver gilt edges, and a matching ribbon marker.  There are 75 effects, with 144 pages and over 100 illustrations.

This project took more than three years to assemble. It’s yet another bombastic bible of bar bets and bits of business that I’ve collected over the years through my travels.  There’s lots of spins on classics and several new items that I’ve never found in print elsewhere.



In 2008 my buddy Diamond Jim Tyler published a beautiful little book called Bamboozlers. It contained 75 great tricks, betchas, and gags. 75 is a lot. And he had the audacity to print “Volume One” on the cover of that book. To me this implied that Mr. Tyler had 75 more of these bits filed away for “Volume Two.” I was doubtful that the second 75 could live up to the standards set by Volume One, but sure enough, in 2009, out came Volume Two. I thought it was even better than Volume One.

Last year I ran into Jim at The Magic Castle. Knowing that I was a big fan of the previous volumes he asked me if I’d write the foreword for Volume Three. Even though I said “Yes,” I was actually thinking, “There’s no way Volume Three is anywhere near as good as the first two.” But I knew that Martin Gardner and Tom Mullica had written the previous forewords, so in order to associate myself with those impressive gentlemen I agreed.

Well now I’ve read the book, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. This book has more great stuff in it. And I can’t believe how many of them I’d never seen before. My favorites may not be the same as yours, but there is really something here for everyone. I can’t wait for Volume Four.  -Mac King

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