Bagshawe's Mind Reading Genie
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Bagshawe's Mind Reading Genie

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A new version of the "Out To Lunch" principle   


The Genie will be holding the same card the spectator selected.


 The magician displays a packet of cards with pictures of a Genie, ready and waiting for your command. A spectator signs one of these cards on the face, and back, so the card cannot be switched. The card is left in full view, face away from spectators. The spectator then selects a card, design, number, word, or something similar. When the signed Genie card is turned around, the picture of the Genii is seen holding a miniature replica of the selection.

We supply you with all of the special cards with full instructions. The cards are specially laminated, like white chalk board, so you can easily rub off the signature, and use the same cards over and over, as long as you wish.

A pocket effect you can carry around and perform any place.

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