Adair's Mesh Egg Bag
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Adair's Mesh Egg Bag

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I just saw professional magician, Ken Scott perform this entertaining, baffling effect.

 Ken did a magic lecture in Sparta NJ and the magicians were going crazy for it. They were flying off the shelf.


Performer shows a clear net bag. In this "nest" are 5 different colored eggs.

Tell 4 spectators that they have a chance to win $50!

Each spectator freely picks an egg from the bag, lucky dip style. 

Last egg is for magician. 

Each spectator opens their egg and inside they find a consolation message that says “ better luck next time”.

In the magician's egg is the $50 bill !

 Very simple to do and amazing!


The bag is approx. 9" long x 8" wide.

Complete set includes eggs, gimicked bag and instructions.
A great quality prop!

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