One way force deck- Blue backed bicycle 52 same card
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One way force deck- Blue backed bicycle 52 same card

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The famous one way force deck

A deck of 52   same card, each deck different for your favorite trick where you force a card.

Jim's Routine

(I like to take out a regular red deck) spread the cards out face up, look at someone and say hmmmm.

Then take one card ( the Three of spades and place it face down)

Now take out the blue deck and fan it out the same way as before with the faces down this time. Ask the spectator to pick any card, are you sure you want that one, you can change your mind. Once they are sure place their card face down.

Now ask them what card they picked, they will say  Three of spades, and you turn their card over so everyone can see. 

Now call attention to the face down red card that has been in plain view the entire time, let them turn it over, amazing it is the Three of spades! The reaction from the audience is often gasps, this is quite startling and super ez to do.

Pro tips

Place any card on the bottom of the force deck lets say the 7 of hearts, flash the bottom of the deck and it will add to the illusion that they saw the cards as different. Also by spreading the blue deck out face down the same way you spread the red cards out face up, psychologically makes them think they remember you spreading out the cards face up, but they are really remembering the first spread. A must for any card worker. 

Complete with instructions!

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