Vernon Magic


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Blow their minds!
You can count 8 cards right off the top of a regular Bicycle Poker size deck, or just remove out of the deluxe wallet supplied.
Ask the spectator to take 4 of the cards behind his back and you place 4 behind your back. You ask spectator to hand you any one card and you hand him one card, you each flip the card upside down behind your back and place into the other cards you are holding. Now watch this! You each spread out your 4 cards and you have not only each picked the same card, a bright blue spot card, but they are in the exact same place in order! As an added kicker, let the spectator flip over all the cards and they are all tiny different color dots!  All can be examined, EZ to do.!
            A real reputation maker!!!
         Comes in a deluxe card wallet  
          Genuine US Playing Card Co.
                 Bicycle Poker size

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