Emerson and West Color Monte plus Dream Queen
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Emerson and West Color Monte plus Dream Queen

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Color Monte
Effect: Three cards are displayed… two have a red diamond, one has a blue diamond. Performer says that this is a gambling game. If you can guess the blue diamond you win $1.00. 
Now the performer says “ let me show you how I got taken once” , He shows the blue diamond on top. He turns it face down and places it on the bottom, when he shows the bottom card it is a red diamond. When he shows the top card.. it’s red! He shows the middle card it is red also. 
This means so far he has lost $3.00 because every time he guesses the card he thinks is blue it turns out to be red. 
The performer says I told him there was no blue diamond; he shows the bottom card is now a blue diamond losing another $1.00. when all the fun is over the magician has lost $7.00 So Wanting a chance to get even he is giving a chance to guess the right color double or nothing, He show the red card, he shows the blue card, “ tell me what color this card is and we are even”, the performer guesses blue but when the card is turned over is says “ YOU OWE ME $14 ! Amazing, Uses one ez to learn move.                                                               Dream Queen 

One of my favorite conversation starter! Tell someone that everyone has a favorite Queen. You are holding an envelope in your hand as you ask them to name any Queen, Queen of hearts, Queen of spadesQueen of diamonds, Queen of clubs. Whatever Queen they choose will be the only face up card in the packet, and as an added kicker, it will have a different colored back! Fantastic Magic and instant to learn

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