ESP Cards (25 Cards)
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ESP Cards (25 Cards)

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ESP Cards  (25 Cards)                                          Poker Size. Set includes 25 ESP playing cards. 5 of each symbol (star, square, circle, cross, wavy lines). 

Set of 5 allows for layering of most mentalism routines to create unbelievable predictions, "proving" Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). 

ESP cards are a staple of mentalists -- but perfect for kids shows and everyday use. 

Originally developed and used at Duke University for the testing of ESP, these easy-to-remember symbols, along with a commonly-used but secret numbering system, will allow you to create miracles: 

Circle = 1 line 
Cross = 2 lines 
Wavy Lines = 2 lines 
Square = 4 lines 

Instructions not included.

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