Tenyo : Ghost Camera
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Tenyo : Ghost Camera

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One of The Hottest Magic Tricks This Year!
I just saw the great magician Ken Scott perform this!

The magician has a spectator from the audience select a card from a deck of playing cards, look at it and return it back into the deck.In full view of everyone in the audience the deck is now covered with handkerchief  and
spectator paces his open hand on the 
handkerchief the magician now borrows a phone and snaps a photo of it using a borrowed smart phone. 

When the audience looks at the photo, they are shocked to see that the selected card has appeared in the picture by the spectators hand!  

Complete with english instructions 

This Is "Big" Visual Magic That Is Easy To Do and Totally Amazing To Watch!

These Are Hard To Keep In Stock - Get Yours Today!

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