SCOTCH AND SODA-Worlds best coin trick
SCOTCH AND SODA-Worlds best coin trick
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SCOTCH AND SODA-Worlds best coin trick

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You display a  half dollar in your left hand and a quarter sized Mexican centavo in your right hand and freely show them. Ask the spectator to hold out his hand, and you place both coins in his hand. Now ask him to close his hand and place both hands behind his back. Ask him to place the big silver coin in one hand and the small copper coin in the other hand, then ask him to bring both hands out keeping his fists closed.

Ask the spectator if he knows which hand has the big silver coin and which hand has the small silver coin. He will say yes.

Now say I will wave my hand over your hands making it impossible for you to open the hand that has the copper coin in it. The spectator will not believe you. I like to say, I will bet you a  a scotch and soda  that when I count to 3 you will not be able to open the hand with the copper coin in it.

Make the bet, and count 1,2,3

He will proudly open the hand to reveal not a copper coin but a US quarter! The copper coin has vanished, you did not take it out! How did the copper coin turn into a quarter! You just won a Scotch and Soda ( or anythng else you would like to bet) 


Self working and EZ to do! Lasts forever. Precesion made replica of US half dollar and mexican centavo except with the magic built right in!

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