Folding Quarter in bottle plus Bite Out Half 2 coin combo!
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Folding Quarter in bottle plus Bite Out Half 2 coin combo!

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Folding Quarter                 
An endless list of possibilities for this trick, the folding quarter.  A precision machined and cut coin that folds with a Single Center Cut Fold Mechanism.   Complete with Instructions and spare bands.
Make the quarter appear or fit into places it has no business being, and pull it back out to truly mesmerize the audience.  Coin In a Bottle trick:  A spectator is handed a regular bottle to examine. Next, a coin is borrowed and magically made to penetrate through the bottom of the solid bottle! The bottle is then turned upside down to show that the coin does not fit through its neck. But when the magician shakes the bottle, the coin falls out of it! The coin is then returned to the spectator, and everything can be examined!
BITE OUT HALF.  ( US Replica )

A classic gimmicked coin- this is the one you saw performed by David Blaine on his first TV special!

The effect is simple - but really startling! Take a bite out of a real half dollar. Yes, put it up to your lips and take a bite. A piece of the coin is gone! Then gently blow on the coin- and it is instantly whole again! What?

This miracle of magic is astonishing- and astonishingly easy to do. The coin will do all the work for you- it even shows the bite mark! This trick is truly self-working. Best of all, you can repeat the trick immediately, as many times as you want. No re-setting the trick, no sleight of hand. Just incredible responses from your spectators!

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