Print Impress T-284 by Tenyo Magic Co
Print Impress T-284 by Tenyo Magic Co
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Print Impress T-284 by Tenyo Magic Co

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2019 Tenyo release.   The printing press of your dreams!
Rub a blank sheet of paper, and instantly transform it into a genuine currency note! With the enclosed prop, you can apparently print money without any effort at all. Yes, the money at the end of this trick is real. A pocket printing press that your audiences will admire with envy and delight!

Place a folded sheet of blank paper onto the tray, and rub it with the lid.

The paper gradually transforms into money, before your very eyes!

Pick up the currency note and display it to your audience. The bill is absolutely real!

You can transform the blank paper into any denomination bill that you choose.

(Another preparation is required. Read the enclosed instructions for details.)

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