Miracle Fishing T-293 by Tenyo Magic Co
Miracle Fishing T-293 by Tenyo Magic Co
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Miracle Fishing T-293 by Tenyo Magic Co

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This masterpiece of card magic is fun and unique – you can perform it for audiences both small and large. And if you wish to customize your presentation, substitute message cards for playing cards, fishing out a personalized message. The specially gimmicked rope and cards make this an easy-to-master showpiece that you can use to dazzle at parties and more formal shows!!

1. A spectator selects a card, memorizes it, and returns the card to the deck. Shuffle the deck.
2. Drop the deck of cards into a paper bag, and mix the cards even further.
3. Insert one end of the rope into the paper bag, and…
4. Miraculously, the rope emerges tied around the selected card!

In addition, you can fish out the enclosed birthday card, a customized message card, to truly entertain your group!

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